Planning Appeals

With all the schemes we are involved with, we specifically prepare a planning application to give it the best possible chance of success. However, we are frequently asked to prepare Appeals for Planning Refusals / Applications that have been lost by other agents. Planning Applications can take many months of careful preparation, and the rejection of a planning application can be a devastating blow.

However, with specialist advice a planning refusal need not be the end.

Our extensive experience in the preparation of planning applications and in managing planning appeals means that we will build a powerful and professional argument for your development. This involves the specific and detailed analysis of the Application and the Refusal for weaknesses - which we can then address and capitalise on - building upon the strength and justification of your proposals.

We understand specifically how the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) and Planning Inspectors operate and conduct Appeals. Lambe Planning and Design deal with appeals via Written Representation, Informal Hearings and Public Inquiry cases. We also advise on Planning Enforcement cases.